Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cutest Pumpkin in the Patch

Hodges Dairy Farm ~ Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Mommy and Avery

Daddy and Avery


Mid-drop - another OOOPS Moment. Avery loved to pick up and hold the pumpkins as long as she could and the she let them drop.

Look at our little pumpkin!

Chasing Daddy!

Taking time to smell the sunflowers!

...and knowing she is being cute.

October Fun

Greensboro Science Museum ~ Aunt Nancy and Uncle Harry came to visit us the first weekend in October and we came up to the Science Museum. They had a traveling exhibit on the Titanic that was pretty amazing. Avery loved seeing the animals outside!

Daddy shows Avery how to use the water table.

Avery's animal MO - touch it and then jump back and see what happens. She loved being able to walk right up to the goats and sheep but wasn't too sure about actually touching them.

Aunt Nancy was Avery's best friend - it wasn't too long after they came that she was calling her "my friend, Ansy."

Uncle Harry, Aunt Nancy and Avery

So hard to get up at 6AM and be cheerful.

A new kitchen set ~ Daddy's yard sale find.

Avery's first American Doll - a Bitty Baby from Nanny and Papa Keim. Avery loves all dolls but her favorite part of this set is the backpack!

Avery with Nanny and Papa Keim

My big girl on her big girl swing.

My happy girl on the carousel at the mall.

Avery is finally tall enough to wear the long skirt that Uncle George made for Madeline. She was so excited to have a skirt "just like Mommy!"

I love this little outfit but unfortunately Avery doesn't share my love for it - she didn't like the neck or the tights, but she does look cute!

Nana Sue and Papa Dale with Avery

Watching her shadow as she swings.

Snapshots of September